Web Simple

What is Web-Simple

Web-Simple is a web based applications that provide functionality and dynamic content to a web site. Web-Simple gives your web site a more professional and functional impression to your web site visitors and your customers.
Web-Simple uses simple back-end forms to add the content with no HTML knowledge required.

Simple to go live!

You don't need any website/hosting knowledge. We do it all!

  • No annual updates (new versions of wordpress or other plug-ins)

  • Lower initial cost and annual maintenance costs.

  • One time setup fee of $500

  • Hosting for a basic site $25 per month.

  • Basic free support included with hosting.

  • Custom work as needed (quoted).

  • Point us to a site that you like and we do the rest.

  • Your own email addresses (5) and/or unlimited redirects.

  • Integrated with our web applications.

  • Includes our form tool for data capture, surveys, event registration, and more.

Web Appz

TechSys is continually adding new Web Appz and fine-tuning existing ones. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for new Web Appz or refinements to make our existing ones even better.

Web Appz are 'rent free' with our hosting service with only a one time setup fee. You can take advantage of TechSys Web Appz even if you are hosting with someone else for a small subscription fee.

Calendar Appz

Event Calendar

The Event Calendar allows you to show upcoming events in a report view or a stunning monthly calendar view. The event Calendar has many built in features like:
  • Email to a friend
  • Subscribe to get new event notifications
  • Pictures can be included in the event detail
  • Banner ads sub system
  • Customizable to match your web site
  • Many more features...

Newsletter Appz


HTML Newsletter

The HTML Newsletter provides a marketing mechanism to communicate information to your customers/subscribers in a graphical and very professional look and feel.

Database of contacts can either be maintained online or downloaded / uploaded as an excel spreadsheet.

The Newsletter System is also used for Commercial Electronic Messages (CEM). As per the Canadian Anti-Spam legislation, users can unsubscribe from receiving these email.

Banner Ad Appz


Banner Ad System

The Banner Ad system allows for rotating banner ads on the top, bottom or both of web pages. The back-end system allows you to upload banner graphics and report on the number of 'views' and 'click-throughs'.

The banners can automatically expire based on an 'End Date' or after the maximum views have been reached.

There can be up to 4 sets of rotating banner ads, in the heading area, at the top of your page content, at the left side and at the right side.

We can also develop / design banner ads for you or your sponsors.

Gallery Appz

Photo / Product Gallery Appz

The Gallery appz is used as a simple photo gallery or as a product gallery.

As a product gallery, the Gallery Appz will display a picture on the left side with a detailed description on the right side. For this purpose there is only one picture per row.

As a photo gallery, you can set the number of pictures (columns) per row. Short picture captions show under the picture and detailed text is displayed when the larger image is viewed. Also, you can have multiple categories and sub categories within the Gallery Appz.

FAQ Appz

FAQ Appz

The FAQ appz is an excellent way to maintain your frequently asked questions and answers.

This appz can be arranged by user defined categories with a search box for finding FAQs with specific key words.

There is also an 'Ask a question?' link and form where web users can ask questions that may not be in the FAQ.

Links Appz

Links Appz

The Links appz is an excellent way to maintain links to other associated or related web sites.

This appz can be arranged by user defined categories with a search box for finding links with specific key words.

Descriptions can be included with the link to explain the web site.

A common use for the SpAppz (Sports registration) Application is for maps and directions for playing fields. The link opens up a new window to a third party map web site that will present a map. The directions to the playing field are in the description for the link.

Doc Appz

Document Downloads Appz

The Doc appz is an excellent way to maintain/catagorize your manuals, marketing and other documents that you want to make available to web users. A brief description of the document can be included to explain what the document is plus there is a search box that will use the description to find keywords entered by the web user.

The document download system will allow you to post / download word, excel and PDF documents.

News Archive

News Archive Appz

The News Archive Appz allows you to post & show your last few news summary articles on your home page. You control how many items will show up on the home page and the summary text.
If you have more news than what will show on your home page, a link to the full news archive will display, allowing users to browse and search ALL your FULL news articles.
You can also choose to add more details to a news article that does not display on the home page. In this case, a 'more...' link will show up for that news article. A visitor can click on this to get the whole story.