Web Development

Design & Development

TechSys offers several levels of web design and development. From simple to complex, all with a professional look and feel.

The cost of a website can fluctuate substantially based on how graphical, how unique and what 'bells and whistles' are required. Give us an idea of what you want in a web site (give us some examples) and we will give you an estimate or give us your budget and we will let you know what you can get.

There are several types of web sites each with a purpose…

Placeholder / Business Card.

This Web site is for those that are not sure what the long-term goals of their web site are or do not yet have a budget for their web site plans. In either case, this will provide the owner with a basic web presence and a place where search engines start with.

This would be a simple site that would include a logo, a brief overview of the company and contact info (including corporate email address).

Classic Web Site

The classic site provides a multi-page web that includes all the standard pages. The primary purpose of this site is to provide all corporate and product / service related information to those who want more detail. The targeted users are exiting customers and prospects. The prospect can get the web address through existing communications, search engines or other marketing material.

A well-designed and implemented classic web site also provides a positive and professional corporate image.

Dynamic Web Site

The dynamic site includes the same components as the classic web plus software / database components that allow the web site owner to add/update content via simple forms and to provide the web user easier and better experience.

This way the web site is more current and is meant to have web users return regularly for new / additional information.

TechSys Web appz can accomplish this by integrating the event calendar, web content appz, or other appz with the web site.

Web Application.

A web application is usually some type of web site that allows users to login and do something. A web application can be a web based time entry system, an online store, a contact management and communications system or a registration system such as SpAppz.

Web applications usually include data entry, reporting and transaction processing with complex rules and triggers.

A Web application can be part of your whole web site plan with parts only available after logging in.

Development Pricing

Design and Development to meet your requirements and your budget!

TechSys can provide:
  • Package Pricing
  • Quote Pricing
  • Interactive Pricing

Package Pricing

Contact page

This is one page with your logo (in a suitable format), simple corporate overview / statement and contact information. You provide us with the logo, text and color scheme and we set it up to your satisfaction.
Dynamic Web Site

This package uses our Web Simple App configured based on your corporate colors and logo. All pages are maintainable via your login and simple forms.

The site will include:
  • Home page. This is the start page of the web site. Normally a summary of who you are and News.
  • Contact us page. This page includes a back-end form that allows you to add/delete contacts from displaying on the page and/or emailed from the included contact us form.
  • Up to 8 other pages. This could include pages such as products, services, about us, etc... You can also add other web appz like events, links, faqs, documents and gallery for an additional fee.
  • Treatment of 10 photos that you supply
  • Ten royalty free pictures or graphics
  • Adding and formatting of content that you provide (word) into your pages. Unlimited Web Content Appz support.

Quote Pricing

Where a more comprehensive / larger budget web site is required. We can work with you to establish your requirements and storyboard the whole web site. All aspects of the design and development would be itemized and quoted.

The requirements and storyboard phase would be billed at our Analyst rate.
$85.00 per hour

Interactive Pricing

This is simply an hourly rate to discuss with you what you want and develop the site with you constantly reviewing the progress and providing feedback.

This method works well for those companies who are not quite sure what they want yet need be see the actual work in progress to make their decisions. This method also works for fast tracking a web site where some content can be rolled out before completion of the entire site.
$85.00 per hour