Why SpAppz?

We are more that just a sports registration system provider, we are a total club service provider (or as much or as little as you want). We are here to make life easier for the board, coaches, volunteers, staff, parents, players and anyone else associated with your club. Our software is helping all types of sports clubs including; soccer, hockey, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, field hockey, softball and more.
You get all the systems and unlimited support for just 1% of financial transactions (min. $1 per player registration and min. $300 per year from any one club).
Extensible! Grow into our features as required. Many clubs start by only using the seasonal registration component but quickly see the benefits of our other components/subsystems and take advantage of them in short order (when convenient for them).
Included are several additional 'must have' components. Like:
  • Event Registrations (with selective fee options).
  • Tournament registrations.
  • Player/parent self-serve profile, tax receipt reprints.
  • Pre-filled waiver forms ready for signature (if required by your club).
  • Form Tool (create your own database forms)
  • Player Evaluation System.
  • Coach Login and tools.
  • Coach Application.
  • Coach Risk Management Process Form.
  • Coach Evaluations.
  • Scheduling sub system (generated, imported or manual)
  • Referee assignment/acknowledgements.
  • Game Reports.
  • Discussion Forum.
  • Multi-level Email Communications.
  • much more!

Need a Website? (This is optional)

Use our sports Content Management System (CMS) ($250 setup and $25 per month).
Our CMS replaces your website and includes several web application where content can be updateed by several people with no knowledge of html. Our CMS also integrates nicely with SpAppz too.
Here is what is included:
  • Content Management System
  • Event calendar
  • Photo gallery
  • News and News Archive
  • Document manager
  • Html newsletter
  • Link manager
  • Faq manager
  • Sponsor banner ads
(Note: The components and sub systems can be turned off if not required.)
We can be your club's IT, web content and database partner too. From email support, custom forms, html newsletters and database systems, we can provide it all. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or you pay nothing. No contracts either, our products, support and service will keep you so satisfied, you won't want to leave!
Before you even look at the features and benefits of SpAppz Online Sports Registration, you need to understand and acknowledge the general benefits.

For your organization:

  • SpAppz purchase costs are very affordable.
  • Club continuity and easier voluteer transitions (systems in place and support available).
  • Ongoing expenses are much less than manual methods.
  • Very accurate, single source, registrant maintained database.
  • Database and tools are available anytime from anywhere.
  • Easy to implement and learn. (and Unlimited training and support.)
  • Reduced stress and workload for volunteers.
  • Reduced calls from parents.
  • Complete control of registration process.
  • Easier and more complete money collections.
  • Cost savings (pre-printed forms and postage)
  • Easy team assignment process.
  • Special League required data exports.
  • All levels of email communications. (players, coaches, teams,  registration reminders, team lists, medical forms, late payments, etc.)
  • Event registrations (camps, tournaments, high performance, referee/umpire/coach training)

For the players/registrants

  • Convenient access and easy to use.
  • Credit card or cheque payment methods.
  • Early registration incentives (early bird discounts and/or late fee).
  • Instant registration results (registered, waitlisted, full, closed, etc.)
  • On screen and email registration confirmations.
  • Player profile gets rolled over for the next season (do not need to reenter most information).
  • Plus much, much more!


Click here to see our testimonials on the SpAppz website.

What Is SpAppz

SpAppz is a COMPLETE sport communication and registration package. SpAppz is used for managing web page information, communications, season registration, various event based registrations and team assignment.

Imagine an always online database where the players can update their own contact information, get email reminders to register for the coming season and then register online with credit card payments, authorized and transferred to the club bank account instantly.

Imagine the time and effort saved by reducing cheque and NSF processing plus the phone calls to and from parents questioning if payments were sent / received.

Imagine the cost saving from multiple form creation, paper and postage costs.

Imagine age-group coordinators assigning players to teams from the comfort of their own home using a shared and current database.

Imagine a web site where content can be added through forms with no knowledge of html and can be updated from anywhere with no special software.

SpAppz makes this a reality!

Perfect Fit!

SpAppz comes in a variety of configurations including a level of support services that's right for your orgainization.
At the top end... SpAppz can be your registration system plus a new dynamic, freshly designed web site and content management system with several WebAppz that will provide everything you could ever want in a web system. But, you don't have to use everything, you can pick and choose what functions you would like to use (We could even create new functions if you wish).
TechSys also offers reasonably priced ongoing update services to provide reliability and continuity to your organization no matter how many times key personel or volunteers change/retire.
If you only want the registration system, we can accommodate this too.
Just want a professional content system (dynamic web site) to replace your current web site? No problem!
Have special requirements? talk to us!

Who Benefits

SpAppz can be used for any organization where you need to maintain a database of your subscribers, accept registrations (seasonal and/or event based) and perform other voluntee intensive functions.

Players / Parents

Players or their parents (registrants) can register online for the season or for specific events offered. Registrants can re-register for future years with only adjustments to their 'on-file' information.

Registrants will receive email confirmation of all registrations and email communications to registrants can be sent from coordinators for special events or reminders as required.

Registrants can login anytime and make adjustments to their contact information.

All registrations are under one login.


Coordinators can check prior year registrations and current registrations by division and/or by age group and/or team.

Coordinators can assign players to teams by division and/or agegroup. A player who re-registers will be automatically placed on the same team (by default).

Coordinators can 'mass email' players, coaches, managers and others associated with a team and/or agegroup and/or division.

Coordinators can send team lists and player medical information (as entered at registration time) to coaches and managers.

Coaches can login and change their contact information.

Coaches can adjust their players phone number, email address and enter their home and away jersey numbers (jersey numbers help scouts to make player evaluations).
Coaches can rank their players and enter player evaluation(s).
Coaches/managers can generate team lists and send lists and emails to their players.

Scouts can browse all the players and add evaluations to any player.

Tryout Coordinator

This is optional.

If selected, the registration can include tryout request data with optional tryout fees included as part of the registration.

The Tryout coordinator can request a computer generated excel spread sheet of those players wanting to tryout and for which level.

Special Event Coordinator

Special events registrations can be created for any type of extra registration requirement. This could be age level camps, specialty camps, awards events, dances, etc.. These events can be free or fee based with cheque or credit card payment methods.

The event coordinator can check registration numbers and update payment info (change to paid when cheque is received).

Event coordinators can request an event registration list to be downloaded to their computer as an excel spreadsheet.

All special event registrants can be mass emailed with special instructions, reminders or event changes.

Payments Processor

The payments processor can adjust the payment status of a registration. This includes changing the status to paid when a cheque is received or 'can'celled, 'ref'unded, 'free' and other status codes.

The payments processor can also add payment notes to a registrant to keep track of promises, dates, etc..

Registration Administrator

The Registration Administrator has access to the same functions that the others have plus additional reporting and editing functions.

Web Site Content

SpApps includes a set of web applications that allows someone with little or no html knowledge to:
  • Make changes to a web page or sections within a web page.
  • Add new web pages or delete existing web pages (and automatic page navigation).
  • Maintain an event calendar.
  • Maintain a photo gallery with unlimited categories.
  • Maintain downloadable documents.
  • Maintain club contacts.
  • Maintain links to other web sites including maps and directions.
  • Maintain banner ads and banner ad reporting.

SpAppz Features

SpAppz provides all the functions and features that most sports organizations require to simplify and enhance the registration processes and information dissemination.

The objective of this system is to make the registration easier and timelier for the registrant (player/parent) and to reduce the time and frustration of the organization's registrar and coordinators.

Please review the following features that are included with SpAppz. Remember that most features can be turned off or on. Additional components can be added on request.

SpAppz Features
  • Full online registration system. 100% web based with no special software required
  • Complete Annual and event based registrations
  • Secure 128bit encryption.
  • Moneris credit card clearing service. This can be your own merchant account or you can use the SpAppz credit card clearing account.
  • SQL Server data base. You have your own SQL database so you can keep your own copy.
  • Complete support. (database, hosting, programming and help).
  • Five levels of Sports Appz administration access:
    • Admin access - Full sports Appz access (not website).
    • Coordinator access - players and team assignment.
    • Collections access - payment status and payments receipts.
    • Coach access - team lists, evaluations, team communications, more.
    • Head Coach access - full evaluation access. 
    • Scout access - Add evaluations to any player (no history view).
    • Special Event Coordinator.
    • Tryout Coordinator.
    • Referee Coordinator.
  • Multiple Web site content access logins. One login can access one or more sub systems.
    • Web page content and club contacts.
    • Event Calendar.
    • Banner ads.
    • Picture Gallery.
    • Document Downloads.
    • Link Manager (maps, associated sites, etc).
  • Tryout option (automatically adds extra fee and player gets included on the tryout list.)
  • Donation option. Allows for an extra donation to be added along with the registration.
  • Option to ask for interest in refereeing (umpiring) on registration form.
  • Instant credit card authorization.
  • Email confirmation of registration.
  • Cheque or credit card payment with Discount/surcharge fee.
  • Early bird discounts and/or late fee.
  • Allows for limits by age group.
  • Waitlist option.
  • Allows for different pricing by division and agegroup.
  • Allows for different registration periods for different divisions.
  • Allows for controlled late registrations. (a late password is provided).
  • Team contacts page (coaches and manager contact info).
  • Player self administration (e.g. phone, address and email changes).
  • Group email by division, age group, team, coaches, managers & special event registrants.
  • Email registration reminder to players from last season.
  • Email player medical forms (filled out as part of registration) to coach and manager.
  • Report generation directly into excel format.
    • Team list (for coaches and managers).
    • Player address list (required by most league associations).
    • Tryout list (for tryout coordinator).
    • Uniform list (for equipment manager).
    • Volunteer list (based on volunteer data entered when registered online).
    • Donation list.
    • Coach/manager list.
  • Mail merge labels using word and excel.
  • Complete special event based registration (now with custom data fields).
  • (new) Create your own forms (coach evaluations, surveys, etc), saved to the database.
  • (new) Player evaluations (click here for screen shot)
  • Special BCSA formatted downloads


The pricing has been established to be competitive with or better than other on-line sports registration systems. The terms are simple...

  • $500 setup fee (one time).
  • 1% of transactions fees
  • Maximum of $2.50 per seasonal registration.
  • Minimum of $1.00 per seasonal registration.
  • $15 / month hosting (est. based on actual storage/bandwidth use)
  • No fees on free events
  • No contract
  • Your own Moneris merchant account; Moneris is a bank of Montreal / Royal bank joint venture. All credit card transaction amounts go directly to your bank account where standard bank setup and credit card fees apply.

scr - Registration

First Registration page - login
Second Registration page - Details
Third Registration Page - Confirmation

scr - Events


Event Grouping Page Sample

Events Sample

'Back End' Events Sample

scr - Custom Forms


Custom Form Sample

scr - Player Evaluation


Player Evaluations Sample

Team Registration Process

Team registration is usually for adult leagues where the team captain or coach organizes the team and registers and pays for the whole team. It is then this individuals responsibility to get the rest of the team players to register (with or without additional fees).
Step 1.

The team manager (or captain or coach) would fill out an online registration form that asks for their requested division, team name, coach and manager contact information and allows them to pay an amount by cheque and/or credit card.

Upon the successful completion of this form, the team is added to the database, and the two contacts are added as staff to that team and staff logins and passwords are generated for the staff.

When the payment is received, the club administrator adds a key-code to the team record.

When you are ready for Step 2, their is a process that will send all the staff a personalized email that gives them their login, password, division, team name and player key-code plus your instructions on what they are to do next.

Step 2.

The team contacts will send an email to all of their players providing them with the key code and where to go to register.

The player registration can be free or include a player payment component (fee).

When the players register with their key-code, they are automatically placed on their team and the 'coach' team contact obtains a bcc email of the player registration.

Step 3.

Staff (up to 6) can login and get details on their team and use the system to communicate with their team. This includes a team list so they can see who has registered and contact those who have not registered yet.

Team staff can also update some contact information (e.g. phone, email, photo)

The player registration part is important as this is where they electronically sign the waiver and enter their contact and emergency information.

Here is what a team staff member has access to on the system:

Spappz Administration Menu
Access Level: Coach 

  • Show My Teams
  • Send Team Email and/or List
  • Team Roster
  • Player Evaluation Summary
  • Show Team List with A/R
  • Coach's Excel Team List
We can also add a schedule admin option so staff can update their own schedule and scores.

In addition to the above we can turn on 'Team pages', where team staff can make simple page updates and players can go to get the latest stats, news and team gallery photos.