Web Site Management

Web Systems Outsourcing

TechSys is an Internet expert.

We offer all levels of Internet related services and support. From simple email support to complex database web applications with everything in between.

TechSys can be your 'ON-CALL' Web/Internet Service department with a broader base of skills then most IT departments. You pay for actual work and never have to worry about staff idle time and unnecessary 'make-work' projects.

Whether you wish to outsource all your Web/Internet requirements, certain aspects or project-based tasks, we can provide the trust, technology, expertise and responsibility to get the job done well!

Here are a few ways we can assist you.

  • Maintaining or adding new components to your existing web site (This includes forms and web appz).
  • Looking after all your hosting, email, domain names and special hosting requirements.
  • Low-cost web content management system where you can easily maintain your own web page content with no or little knowledge of HTML.
  • Custom designed web content management system. This is similar to the low-cost version but more time/care/effort is taken for design, graphics and other features
  • Web site graphical designed. Including layout, color, image creation, photo selection and comparative analysis with 'like' sites.
  • Web/database application integration. This includes; event calendars, web site document management, banner ads, html newsletters, FAQ's, Link management and more.
  • Custom web application development. We have developed SPAPPZ, a complete sports content management system and on-line registration system. Other Web applications include a course/teacher/student registration system (intranet), online store and business directory
  • Direct credit card transactions to your bank account using moneris or other credit card systems.
After discussing your web site aspirations and budget, we can provide any or all of the following;

  • Web site/system planning and feedback
  • Web site design
  • Royalty free graphics
  • Custom designed graphics
  • Pre-built web appz
  • Simple to complex web forms
  • Custom Web application / database programming
  • Credit card integration
  • Secure web pages (SSL)
  • Ongoing maintenance & support
  • Complete hosting
  • Email support (outlook)
  • Web mail
  • Onsite training and support as required

Web Management Pricing

(See Web Hosting for our web hosting offerings.)

Web outsourcing is based on several task types. Each task type involves a different level of expertise at a competitive price point.

Web Site Assessment

This assessment is to determine how easy or difficult it would be to maintain your web site. Some sites are more difficult / tricky to maintain or require a higher level of expertise. After the assessment, we will be able to give you an understanding of the complexity and therefore the technical effort and (if required) extra work / costs required to maintain the web site.
$75.00 (one time)
Simple Site Maintenance (HTML)

This includes making occasional or regular updates to your web site. These updates include changes to text on your site (that you provide). Also included are uploading and inserting of pictures that you provide to existing pages. This type of maintenance is for static web pages.
$45.00 per hour
Complex Site Maintenance

Where advanced HTML and CSS techniques are used. An HTML expert may be required.
$75.00 per hour
Scripting Site Maintenance

For those sites which contain scripting, a software engineer versed in the appropriate language is needed. Some scripting languages include ASP, PHP, Perl, vb and java. This also includes database connectivity with SQL, ACCESS and EXCEL.
$85.00 per hour
Graphics / Photos

Find / touch-up / adjust royalty  free (or user provided) pictures/graphics.
$75.00 per hour
Design Custom Graphic or Logo

Our graphics designer will work with you to provide the quality graphic you are looking for. Building a new graphic design from scratch may take more time/effort.
$75.00 per hour
Flash Design and Development

Flash components can range from a web commercials, small web applications to high end site navigation. Flash is a combination of graphic arts and programming.
$85.00 per hour
Web Appz Integration

Integrate and setup of one of several TechSys Web Appz. This usually takes only a couple of hours to setup. TechSys rents out their Web Appz for $120 per year. Each Web Appz includes a login and back-end web based maintenance process. Web Appz are built using ASP and SQL Server.
$75.00 per hour plus $120 per year for Web Appz rental. 25% off for each additional Web Appz
Web Appz Maintenance

For those who wish to outsource the maintenance of any TechSys Web Appz. This includes making adjustments to content through the Web System Content Manager, Photo Gallery, Downloadable Documents, Event Calendar, etc. Although HTML expertise is not required, some effort is required to post the information and some HTML can improve the 'look and feel'.
$35.00 per hour
Hosting / Email Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Whether you host with us, have your own web and/or mail servers or a third party hosting company, we can make all the adjustments and find / resolve any problem that you may encounter. This includes DNS and domain registrations / renewals. 
$75.00 per hour
Search Engine Submissions and Optimization

If you are looking to increase traffic to your site through search engine 'hits', then you may want consider this option.

Search engine submissions and optimization requires careful adjustments to your web site to make them more favorable to the search engine systems. Also required are ongoing regular submissions to the search engines of your specific web pages. For this reason, search engine packages are an annual effort.

TechSys Communications has partnered with another local Vancouver company who specializes in search engine submissions. TechSys works with our partner to provide you with the best Search Engine solution available. (Note: TechSys gets wholesale pricing from our Search Engine partner so your cost is the same either through us or direct.)
Price is based on the number of pages. example: 5 pages optimized and submitted twice a month for 1 year $1500.00
(additional pages at $150.00 each)