Eventz Overview

Is your website doing enough for you?
Eventz lets you make your own registration forms, order forms and data collection forms. You can add up to 200 form elements (on one page) and make as many events/forms as you want.
These forms can be linked directly from your website or you can link to our category/sub category page which will show a collection of events with summaries and 'click here' to register links to the actual registration page.
Eventz are three tools in one.
  1. Online registration for any type of free or fee based event.
  2. Online ordering form for products/tickets/services/donations.
  3. Online form creator for Surveys, evaluations, requests or internet based data collection. 
Put Eventz to work to greatly simplfy your current manual efforts and make life easier for those that wish to do business with you.
With Eventz you can have all your event/course registrations, product sales and data collection activities online and ready for you and your target audience 24/7. You will even have more time for other online concepts.
  • Very easy to order, purchase, register and provide information.
  • Credit card payments (if applicable) go directly to YOUR bank account.
  • Automatic payment receipts.
  • Automatic confirmation of any form or registration.
  • Easy access to your data by event/form sent directly to excel on your computer.
Event Registration and Database forms
  • Form creator tool.
  • Forms can have a fee, multiple optional fees or no fees.
  • Unlimited event forms.
  • Unlimited data forms.
  • Forms can be multi-paged.
  • Add your own custom form fields.
  • Display events within a category or sub category on a summary page with each event having a register link.
  • Excel spread sheets by event.
  • Group email event registrations.
  • Cheque or Credit Card Payment options.
  • Late/early bird options.
  • Payment method discounts/surchare options.
  • Waitlist option.

Form Creator

Create your own forms for special customer/corporate events, data collection, surveys and simple product sales.

Eventz for Schools

The event/registration/form system comes with FoodDayz and provides huge added value for additional fund raising capability.
Here is a list of how other PACs are using the event/registration/form system. Note: some are fee based some are just to collect information. This is just a few ideas of how your PAC can improve and simplify fund raising efforts for both the PAC and the parents. Many more fundraising concepts are available with our event/registration/form system. If you have a good idea, we can help put it into a form.

Welcome Back BBQ.

Many schools have a welcome back BBQ. Have the parents register, choose their menu options and pay online. You will get a spread sheet of registrants and their pay status that can be used to provide tickets
Christmas Poinsettia Sale.

This is another common fundraiser. Parents can choose from several plants/arrangement and quantities. Parents can buy them for themselves, on behalf of friends and family and as gifts.
Playground Equipment Campaign.

I thought this was innovative. Parents can simply make a donation or buy a plaque/brick with their chosen words (entered on the form too).
Speakers and Presentations.

Many schools are now bringing in speakers to give talks on adolescent issues, drugs, parenting, bullying and many other topics. These could be fee based or free (where you require a RSVP).
School Directory Info Capture.

Many schools create a school directory as part of their fund raising efforts. With an online form, the parents who want their info in the publication can enter the contact particulars, acknowledge/approve the use of this information in the directory and obtain additional information like 'I have taken the baby sitting course and I am available for baby sitting'.
Volunteering Form.
You can also use a form to collect volunteer information into a database. This could be a general volunteer form where several volunteer options can be selected or a volunteer form for a specific event.

Eventz for Sports Clubs

The eventz system has proved invaluable for many clubs. Especially those that have development programs and academies.
Event registrations can be created for:
  • Development camps
  • Conditioning camps
  • Fun camps
  • Spring and/or summer and/or winter break camps
  • Pro-D day Camps
Camps can be organized and presented by category and sub category for:
  • Specific date periods
  • Different age groups
  • Different abilities
  • Specific focuses
  • Different locations
Other uses include...
  • Coach clinics
  • Official clinics
  • Team wear sales
  • Equipment sales
  • Social events
  • Ticket sales to (e.g. Whitecaps and Giants)
  • Coach evaluation forms
  • Special donation events.
  • Satisfaction or other surveys.

Events for Business

Eventz is used by business too.
You can create custom online data forms with any type of form element (text box, drop down box, radio button, text area, check boxes (with optional quantities and fee), phone fields, date fields, etc.
Here are a few examples.
Surveys. Create your own surveys for your business or provide survey services and create surveys for your customers.  
Data Collection. For product registrations, time and task functions, detailed information request, resume collection, etc.
Human Resource (HR). Employee reporting functions, scheduled education and first aid registrations, greivance submissions, holiday date requests, special event and social function RRSP's, company ware sales, more.
Product Education / Seminar Registration. For customers and partners to obtain sales and technical news of your products.